Enterprise Storage

Data has become a vital business asset. With server virtualization, mobile, social media and Big Data analytics, growing data volumes are driving a huge demand for high performance, secured data storage solutions. IT organizations are opting for cloud storage to contain costs and solid state storage for performance. Object storage architecture and software defined storage technologies are also maturing as reliable enterprise options.

How Wipro Helps


Wipro helps by providing end-to-end engineering solutions in Storage products across various layers starting from firmware/device drivers to the manageability layer. Our area of expertise is summed up in the following snapshot relevant to both Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Networks (SAN):

Upcoming technologies: We build solutions on upcoming technologies like Solid State Drive (SSD), building compliance stack for Non-Volatile Memory( NVMe) and integration with Open stack etc.

Competency and Differentiating Elements

Our focus is on providing appropriate technology solutions suitable for an environment focused on performance, scalability, availability and security in addition to cost. We do this by:

  • Leveraging years of knowledge and experience with storage platforms, operating systems and file systems
  • Deploying our experience in engineering storage applications and products
  • Transforming storage products for cloud environments

Our experience with different layers of the Storage stack can be utilized to accelerate new product development, current product engineering and to enhance product quality.