Aerospace, Defense & Satellite

Advances in technology, material sciences and data exploitation are helping Aerospace, Defense and Satellite organizations improve safety and security, control costs and address obsolescence. These industries have long product lifecycles and are subject to strong regulatory pressure. They also need management on a global scale for systems and instrumentation integration which call for specialized skills, business and functional knowledge.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro assists OEMs and suppliers by offering onsite and offshore technology and engineering services for commercial, tactical and scientific operations to:

  • Support the complete life cycle of products from R&D, design, software, electronic hardware and mechanical engineering to system assembly, certification and testing
  • Reduce solution costs and development cycles using Lean principles and solution accelerators
  • Capture additional revenue from MRO service markets

We have collaborated with customers to ensure faster response and simpler execution prompted by changing industry demands. By leveraging our services, you can avert the risk of investing in teams and facilities with new skill sets and capabilities.

Key Focus Areas


Airlines are balancing passenger safety, comfort and convenience with spiraling fuel and operating costs. They are opting for fuel-efficient aircraft and attracting passengers with an enriched in-flight experience. Our experience includes seat design, state-of-the-art electronics for in-flight entertainment (IFE) and connectivity and superior galley design for service convenience. Our solution expertise spread across Airframe Structural Design and Analysis, Stress Analysis, Interior Design, Electrical Systems Installation and Aero Engine Analysis.


We are one of the most viable choices in the Indian market for Defense offset partnerships, providing high-quality research, technology product development, testing and engineering services. In the US, our centers for design, development and engineering of Defense products are International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) compliant. With shrinking Defense budgets and sensitive security needs, our product engineering team ensures customers meet critical mission and financial objectives. We have experience working with customers in area of active protection systems for Defense vehicles, soldier radio systems, electronic systems for military aircrafts etc.


Satellite-based positioning has emerged as a key technology for applications across industries such as Aerospace, Defense, Oil & Gas exploration, Agriculture, Mining etc. We have worked in the area of augmented Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers and inertial sensors and their applications such as location-based services and navigation. Wipro also has experience in satellite communications, designing and developing equipment and systems for fleet management applications, VSAT Terminals and satellite routers for IP connectivity.