SOLUTION – Tarang Lab

OEMs and product manufacturers need to test their designs and finished products against a number of performance and safety parameters based on international regulations. Poor product testing can cost businesses in terms of loss of customer trust, reduced sales, higher support and legal costs.

Typically, manufacturers are faced with the daunting task of coordinating their test requirements across a number of external and independent facilities. This adds to test process complexity, logistic costs, testing costs and time to market.

Wipro’s Tarang Lab (Product Qualification and Compliance Lab), a world-class Test facility located in Bangalore, India, addresses these challenges by bringing a number of critical tests under one roof. It ensures product conformance to quality, reliability and safety on a number of regulations in an effective and integrated manner, thereby significantly reducing the overhead to manufacturer.

Wipro's competency and differentiating elements


  • One-stop shop for pre-compliance and compliance Testing and regulatory certification
  • Many years of continuing ISO/IEC17025 accreditation
  • Engineers with deep understanding across industries and key product domains
  • Single point of contact for the customer with backend interfaces with certification bodies and partner labs
  • 24X7 lab operation
  • Flexible and simplified engagement process

Tarang Accreditations

  • ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation
  • FCC and Industry Canada Listed
  • Alliance with various certification agencies for country-specific certification support
  • Domestic approvals by CEMILAC, DGAQA and TEC

Tarang Lab Offerings

Tarang Lab caters primarily to electrical/electronic systems, sub-assembly and products across avionics, automotive, consumer products (electronics and durables), defense, industrial engineering, medical devices, telecommunications and IT products industries, including full vehicle testing for automotive domain. Our Tarang Lab offerings include:

  • Turnkey and Custom Test Solutions: Industry-specific pre-compliance and compliance Testing, certification support solutions
  • Developmental Assistance: Lab-on-hire during developmental stage for iterative Testing

Tarang Lab supports a broad range of global standards such as IEC/EN, DO160, UL, FCC, CSA, SAE, JASO, ISO, MIL, ASTM and NEBS.

Test facilities in Tarang Lab:

  • Complete range of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Compatibility (EMC) Testing , which includes:
    • 10m semi-anechoic chamber with dual antenna masts and tight NSA of ±3 db for Radiated Emission and Radiated Immunity tests
    • Conducted Emission and Conducted Immunity
    • Immunity to electrostatic discharge, surge, fast transients, impulses, power and pulse magnetic field, voltage dips and interruption
    • Harmonics and flicker emission
    • Immunity to specialized transients and in avionics, effects of indirect lightning, etc.
  • Premium Hemi-Anechoic Chamber for acoustic Testing (16 dBA ambience) with multi-channel acquisition unit
  • Vibration Test Facility
  • Salt Spray/Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber
  • Shock Test Facility
  • Combined Altitude Temperature and Humidity (CATH) chamber
  • Thermal Shock Chamber
  • Environmental Chambers with temperature ramp rates of up to 24 deg./Min
  • Walk-in Thermal Chamber (888 CFT)
  • Safety Assessment Facility Environmental Tests
  • Reliability tests - Highly Accelerated Stress Screen (HASS) based on Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT) (with ramp rate of 60 degree centigrade/minute)
  • Power Cycling Test
  • Thermal Imaging using IR Camera

Wipro Tarang Facility


Premium Semi Anechoic Chamber


Premium Hemi Anechoic Chamber


Salt Spray Chamber


Shock Test Facility


Vibration Test Facility


CATH Chamber


High Ramp Chamber


HALT/HASS Test Facility