Hardware System Design and Development is an integral part of product development. With increased pressure on product costs, higher reliability and shorter time to market, the challenges for product companies have increased. Highly-integrated hardware development lifecycle with legacy dependencies and quality assurance processes have allowed product companies to scale and accelerate the Hardware System Design in line with market demands.

How Wipro Helps

As a leader in providing R&D services for Hardware System Design, Wipro has a rich history in creating products for various market segments. By partnering with assembly and Test houses, Test equipment manufacturers, Testing and compliance lab, we have the ability to offer:

  • Turnkey new product development and manufacturing services
  • Value engineering and new market adaptation of products
  • Product Lifecycle support services
  • Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) development

Our Hardware System Design Solution provides customers with innovative, reliable and scalable designs.

Services Description

Our expertise spans across:

  • Telecom – Wired and Wireless infrastructure
  • Automotive
  • Medical Devices
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Industrial automation and Power Electronics

We offer a range of Hardware Design Services that include:

  • Circuit design and analysis
  • PCB design
  • RF development
  • Power electronics
  • Manufacturing test
  • Product compliance and environmental test

We have our development and manufacturing processes aligned to industry domain standards and quality processes. This is supplemented by Wipro’s zero-defects design methodology EagleWisionTM, strong industry partnerships with Electronic System Level tool vendors and cost optimization methods for customers.