The Gaming industry is undergoing rapid transformation to keep pace with changing demographics and digital distribution. As there is an evolution of graphic technology coupled with social and cloud, organizations are looking at cloudification of Gaming through Gamification as a Service (GaaS). This, together with other technology advances such as Natural User Interface (Kinect and proliferation of touch devices), is throwing up opportunities in content creation for various age groups.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's expertise in Gaming comes from global experience and is tailored to meet the demands of every market. We provide Gaming solutions that include:

  • Porting/Development of Games across platforms
  • Validation and localization of content
  • Availability of content across platforms (various Form Factors)
  • Creation of photo-realistic assets
  • Gamification of applications

Gaming Services

Our Gaming offerings include:

  • Game Development (PC, Console-based, Mobile, Online)
  • Porting across multiple devices and targets
  • Game localization
  • Massively multi-player online (MMO) game development
    • Network Programming and Artificial Intelligence
  • Art Asset Development/Custom Animation Development
  • Validation of Game Functionality
  • Validation of Games/Servers for Scalability, Security and Performance
  • Gamification services for various industries (medical, corporate, education and training, etc.)
  • Development of backend systems enabling digital distribution, tracking of content