Digital Signal Processing

With exponential growth in communication, entertainment, and computing, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is making waves in the field of multimedia, medical signal processing, bio-analytics, mobile and consumer electronics. Several industries that leverage the Internet of Things and Next Generation devices with voice and gesture recognition and augmented reality, are leading the DSP revolution.

How Wipro Helps

Our DSP expertise is particularly relevant to customers in the Consumer Electronics, Telecommunications, Wireless, Medical Electronics, Industrial Automation, Automotive, Semiconductor, High Performance Computing, and Media & Broadcasting space.

We aim to meet the needs of industry through:

  • Ready-to-use building blocks for audio, images and video codecs
  • Accelerated product development lifecycles
  • Accelerated time-to-revenue for customers

Digital Signal Processing solutions

Our solutions include:

  • Digital Signal Processing including multimedia codec and framework development for MP3 players, car audio systems, high-fidelity systems, digital cameras, mobile phones and digital microscopes
  • Middleware development, audio processing algorithm development, image processing algorithm development
  • Video analytics
  • AV Receivers Multimedia Streaming
  • Voice / Video over IP, Head End Encoders
  • 2G/3G Base Stations
  • Communication Digital Signal Processing (e.g. physical layers in LTE, WCDMA, GSM wireless communication standards)
  • Standard Multimedia Frameworks such as GStreamer™ on Linux, Media Foundation or DirectShow on Windows, Stagefright Multimedia Framework on Android, and Khronos OpenMAX