Additive Manufacturing

Traditional manufacturing has limitations for products that need a quick turnaround, with limited quantity, and where manufacturing involves multiple vendors. Conventionally, Additive Manufacturing (AM) was widely used for rapid prototyping of non-functional components. With the option to process multi-material with higher speed, quality and precision, AM has set a new trend. AM is now adopted for functional components across industries, such as automotive, aerospace, medical, biotech architecture, defense and art.

How Wipro Helps

Our expertise in engineering comes from global experience and an extensive alliance network.. Our AM solutions are tailored to meet the demands of every market. These include:

  • Consulting solutions to existing problems
  • Selection framework to select candidates for tooling, production, spares, etc.
  • Concept Viability, Design Support, validation, testing, and quality aspects
  • IP management
  • Logistics and supply chain optimization solutions
  • After market and spare management solution

Key Offerings

  • Opportunity discovery and assessment for AM
  • Developing business case for viability of serial production
  • Engineering design and tooling support
  • Digital tool chain for AM
  • Process monitoring and control for AM
  • Property integrity and IP in AM
  • Printing services