In today’s highly fragmented, fast growing and dynamic mobile market, it is tough for enterprises to own, operate, upgrade and maintain a mobile application testing infrastructure. Newer devices and latest OS versions are launching and older devices & OS versions are getting obsolete quite frequently posing a challenge for infrastructure maintainability. Hence, most customers look to use mobility testing infrastructure on a need basis or on managed services model instead of owning them and yet keeping them underutilized. Also, Mobile initiatives in various enterprises are still done on Line Of Business basis where each LOB has its own priorities and schedules and often ends up duplicating software and hardware resources. A third Party Mobility Certification Partner can help organizations move quicker in their mobile journey with optimum cost.

One of Wipro’s solutions to enable you do Mobility Testing better is Mobility Quality Engineering Lab.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro has set up a ready-to-use mobility testing lab (Mobi-T-Centre®), which includes popular devices, leading automation solutions, dedicated network connectivity which you can use on a pay per use model. We maintain and upgrade the devices and OS version based on market need. It is equipped with all prominent smart devices and popular testing solutions to cater to varying customer demands. The Mobi-T-Centre® provides a holistic Mobile Application Testing approach and helps reduce cycle time, costs and effort. We also have resident Mobility Quality Engineering Professionals in the test centre to provide Complete Mobility Testing Services.

Its key features are:

  • State-of-the-art mobile application testing center with up-to-date testing infrastructures and anytime testing
  • Subject matter experts provide end-to-end validation of mobile applications on any platform in a well-equipped testing lab

Our Mobi-T-Centre® offers the following benefits:

  • No capital investment for testing infrastructure
    • Testing infrastructure as a pay per use model or in managed services model
  • Faster time-to-market due to readily available testing infrastructure & Automation Driven testing methodologies
    • Already available test infrastructure in place and hence no lead time to set up the lab
  • Reduced testing cost
    • Devices and testing tools on a rental basis rather than procuring the devices and yet keeping them underutilized
  • Rapid automation Proof of Concepts
    • Readily available test infrastructure and mobility certification experts for conducting quick Proof of concepts