Retailers are constantly looking for ways to improve customers’ in-store experience and provide easy access to various offerings like discounts and loyalty cards. Retailers want a mobile solution that will improve product movement and enable staff with tools to provide better customer service. The need is to create smart mobile solutions which will help customers at every step of their journey providing an unforgettable buying experience.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro focuses on creating a mobility driven ecosystem for better customer engagement by empowering customers to make informed and quick decisions supported by technology.

Our mobile solutions offer a range of benefits on a scale previously inaccessible to retailers:

  • Provide information in real time so that customers can make better decisions
  • Leverage customer data and analytics to personalize the shopping experience
  • Drive customers into the store and increase cross selling and up selling
  • Improve customer satisfaction, thereby increasing sales
  • Better collaborations with partners
  • Provide access to customer through a channel which is always on
  • Improve In-store & field employee productivity for better customer services & employee satisfaction

Wipro has implemented best-in-class Mobile Solutions for our customers all across the globe across different business verticals. Specifically for Retail, Wipro has implemented many native mobile applications covering both consumer and enterprise business use cases across all platforms including - iOS, Windows, Android. Some of these applications have been listed below:


  • Mobile Couponing: This solution can provide an enhanced in-store experience through customized coupons and specific product offerings to customers. This solution helps to offer customized promotions based on preferences and purchase history. Location-based services, using the solution, lead to better customer engagement and help you measure the success of various coupon and promotion campaigns.
  • Mobile Point of Sale: Retailers are adopting Mobile POS solutions and integrating them into their current point-of-sale environment to enhance the retail and payment experience and thereby increase their sales and expand their customer base. The solution provides improved customer service and store productivity. The solution enables complete POS functionality, retail transactions, mobile payment processing, locate out of stock items and personal shopping experience for retail customers.
  • Mobile Shopping: This solution helps retailers improve the online presence by introducing mobile apps for their consumers allowing them to browse and buy products through their mobile device. The solution allows users to purchase on the go with an enhanced shopping experience with features such as Product Catalog/ Search, Product Comparison, Deals and Vouchers, Shopping Cart, Product Alerts, Barcode Scan, Store Locator, Social media integration