Manufacturing companies are adopting mobility as a strategic move to meet the ever increasing expectations of customers and other stakeholders in the ecosystem as well as to increase output, improve quality and reduce costs with an aim to increase their global footprints. Mobility has become a critical enabler for transforming operations and business processes in the Manufacturing industry.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro understands the latest trends across industry and the needs of manufacturing companies to adopt Mobility as a game changer. Powered by strong industry expertise and offerings in mobility, Wipro helps its manufacturing customers leverage the power of mobility to:

  • Increase sales through mobility solutions
  • Improve existing processes using mobile applications
  • Provide better services to customers
  • Better Field force productivity and enablement
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Providing insights for faster and informed decisions

Our Mobility solutions can provide quick ROI and helps identify the right tools and platforms for a consistent user experience.

Wipro has implemented best-in-class Mobile Solutions for customers all across the globe across different business verticals. In manufacturing, Wipro has implemented many mobile solutions across all platforms including - iOS, Windows, Android.

Some of these solutions include:

  • Mobile Shop Floor Automation: This solution that can help users such as Quality or Maintenance Inspector, Store Operator, Plant Manager etc. to automate various processes such as Quality inspection, Preventive maintenance , Rounds Inspections, Approvals / rejections, Overall view of inventory and Plant progress report. The solution provides Real-time alerts on shop floor KPI's, team notification for action items, approval and rejections while on the move, Mobile based Quality and rounds inspection, Inventory reports , alerts on critical levels and a complete view of production lines.
  • Mobile CRM Solution: This solution enables the sales team to manage leads and opportunities on the go with instantly-available customer history, contacts and activity details. The solution helps sales representatives close deals faster by providing access to CRM applications on the move.
  • Smart Manufacturing: This solution focuses on role-based production, quality and materials management system, designed and pre-engineered to enable access of information from anywhere on the manufacturing shop floor. The solution improves process visibility and decision making, which leads to increased employee productivity and process efficiency.