The global Healthcare industry is focusing firmly on improving the quality of care delivered. Mobility solutions can enable efficient patient care, improve response time, enhance workflow efficiency and increase patient throughput, while reducing costs and risks. Much of the information previously conveyed via paper has gone electronic – orders, test results, diagnoses, consultation notes, etc.

The shift to electronically stored information and more instant forms of communication has increased the speed of patient diagnosis and efficiency of treatment, ultimately improving patient care and satisfaction. As the method of electronic communication continue to evolve, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices become the preferred tools for providers for anytime, anywhere communication.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro helps you transform your current processes into an information and knowledge-driven healthcare system. Our Mobile Healthcare Solutions enable:

  • Real-time access to patient information for clinicians and healthcare staff on the go
  • Timely and accurate patient assessments through collaboration
  • Informed clinical decisions, based on real-time availability of drugs in the market

Our solutions include:

  • e-Health Platform: It helps physicians and healthcare providers manage and treat patients online and gain medical education. The solution also enables real-time access to patients' information and helps clinicians and care givers with timely and accurate patient assessments to make informed decisions
  • Remote Health Monitoring Solution: Patients, especially those from far off locations, had to make frequent trips to the hospital for post-surgery checkups. Remote Health Monitoring Solution enables real-time access to patients' medical information, allowing nurses and physicians to provide remote care at the patient's convenience. The solution also provides day-to-day updates of the patient's health, which reduces response time in case of an emergency
  • mFolio: The journey to a future ready mobile enterprise is often long and challenging, resulting in long market lead time. Wipro's mFolio is a complete integrated framework with CRM access, real-time information access and marketing inputs, for effective project planning and time allocation. The solution arms pharmaceutical sales executives with real-time information, on the move, enabling faster time-to-market