Energy, Natural Resources & Utilities

In order to stay apace with the ever-evolving competitive market, organizations leverage adoption of new technologies that provide seamless and affordable access to business critical information anywhere, anytime. Companies are more readily investing in accelerating the use of SMAC innovations as they clearly see the business benefits of doing so.

Today’s Energy , Natural Resources and Utilities industry continues to struggle in finding a right balance between rising global demand, diminishing known resources, and in maintaining manageable distribution and operating costs..

How Wipro Helps

Enterprises in the Energy, Utilities, Oil and Gas (O&G) sector have a need to manage large distributed workforce and assets and at the same time provide a real-time integrated view of business operations. Providing access to real-time information empowers the workforce, increases efficiencies in operations and helps deliver greater value to end customers.

Wipro has in-depth experience across oil and gas, metals and mining, energy and utilities. This extensive industry knowledge helps us develop easy-to-adopt solutions that meet your business goals.

Key benefits delivered through our solution:

  • Streamline processes by providing a real-time view of processes and resources
  • Reduced cycle time in field reporting and faster customer response
  • Managing real time information, people and assets to ensure more effective collaboration and higher levels of safety

Our Solution Offering for your global business:

  • Mobility Managed Offering - Customers are looking for managed-service platform to launch and scale vertical mobility offerings quickly on a variable cost, transaction model basis. Wipro offers fully managed field Mobility services by bringing an Industry leading integrated solution that provide seamless and affordable access to field engineers to business critical information anywhere, anytime thereby increasing efficiencies and productivity.
    Key Features -
    • Cloud based offering
    • Standard Mobile Platform - Leveraging SAP SMP platform with prebuilt SYCLO solution
    • Integrated Support backed by Service Level Agreements
    • Subscription based Pricing - per user per month basis
  • Production Dashboard for Mining: For better decision making, users look for a one-stop information dashboard that displays real-time visibility of plant inventory, spare parts information and other resources. The solution also enables convenient, mobile-based access to various employee and business-related approval workflows, which provides the management instant insights to make quick, informed decisions.
  • Punch List for Construction Industry: In big projects, there is a possibility of missing small details which can be problematic later. Wipro offers s a project management solution, which includes a checklist of tasks to be carried out by an engineer on the field or on the construction site. It also has safety and quality assurance checklists and provides visibility into workforce productivity.
  • Intelligent Home Display: Every home today needs detailed usage information, giving the power to track and manage electricity usage. It enables Utility organizations to engage directly with customers to drive efficiencies and reduce energy consumption. This solution also helps utility consumers track their energy usage and pay bills on the go.
  • Safety Audit Planner for Power Plants: Inspection and audits are tools that can be used to identify problems and hazards before these conditions result in accidents or injuries. It automates the process of following strict safety norms on the field and on the plant floor for the supervisor. The solution facilitates the safety audits with photo capture, signature capture and GPS location capture functionalities via a mobile device.