Security Operations

The traditional focus of security is fast changing. It is moving from mitigation to improving the bottom line. A comprehensive strategy should address the security demands of a modern organization such as securely embracing new technologies, mitigating cyber threats and compliance to regulations while demonstrating business value.

How Wipro Helps

ServiceNXT enables this by leveraging a gamut of security services such as Unified Threat Management, Security Operations, Security Monitoring, Compliance Reporting & Management, Identity and Access Management operations, Managed Authentication Services and Managed PKI operations.

ServiceNXT Managed Security Operations offer:

  • ServiceNXT™ Security Intelligence Center compliant with SAS70, ISO 20000 and ISO 27001
  • Compliance based reporting - SOX, PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, FISM
  • Integrated Alert and Advisory services
  • Early detection and prevention of emerging threats

We helped:

  • A large US bank: Improve competency of security personnel by 50% at the client site. We also helped save time by 35% due to automation of manual processes. Read More.
  • A large US energy company: Reduce cost of managing security services by 25% and also lowered its exposure to cyber-attacks. Read More.

ServiceNXT Managed Security Service addresses following key areas:

Threat and Vulnerability Management: Sustained assessment of vulnerabilities within the organization and monitoring global threats to protect unwanted exposure. The service includes periodic scans on infrastructure/applications, establishing risk-based profile to remediate vulnerabilities and consultative support during remediation process.

Security Operations: Comprehensive security operations support functions to maintain, administer and enhance security solutions. Services delivered using industry standards (ITIL, ISO) and best practice processes. Global, 24x7 support available to manage change, incident, performance and service requests.

Security Event Monitoring and Incident Response: Log management, event monitoring and correlation with incident response. Enables you to meets regulatory and corporate policy compliance, conduct privileged user monitoring and detect incidents. Global, 24x7 services to investigate incidents, retain auditable activities and correlation across infrastructure and applications.

Identity and Access Management: Helps you design, implement and deploy an integrated identity and access management system in addition to managing sustenance of the system.

Managed Authentication Services: Combines expertise, lower cost of ownership and high service availability to deliver end-to-end multi-factor authentication service offerings. This covers infrastructure support, token provisioning, distribution and inventory management and end user support.