Open Data Center Services

Today, businesses are looking forward to reap the benefits brought in by the Cloud, Software Defined Datacenters, APIs and Open Architecture technologies. Traditional datacenters are constrained with high complexity and total cost of ownership, and lack agility and elasticity, which the business needs. With Open Data Center, new IT consumption model using Hybrid Cloud and Software defined infrastructure delivers lower TCO, modular and policy driven data centers.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro Open Data Center suite of solutions uses open standards & open architecture based products and technologies from large OEMs, startups and enterprise-ready open source world. Our solution suite comprises of four core offerings: Open Storage, Open Network, Open Compute and Open Cloud. We help you with the following services:

  • Software Defined Infra based solutions strategy consulting
  • Build, deploy and manage Hybrid Cloud
  • Application re-platforming
  • Custom application and plug-in development
  • Migration to Open Architecture based Open Data Center solution
  • Develop infrastructure orchestration, automation & self-service portal
  • Customer aligned PoC and pilot in Open Data Center CoE lab
  • Offerings

    • Open Storage
    • Open Network
    • Open Compute
    • Open Cloud
    • Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

    Practice Highlights

    Practice Highlights
    • 10+ Global customers
    • 30+ Alliances with start-ups and large OEMs
    • 3 Geo dispersed DCs in the ODC lab
    • Availability of talent pool with new technology skills
    • Dedicated team of 50+ Engineers

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Open Storage

Wipro's Open Storage sub-offering helps customers adopt Software defined Storage, which separates storage hardware from the software. SDS enables rapid policy-based creation, deletion, and management of data storage within private or public cloud infrastructure.

It further helps them to lower cost by leveraging x86 based standard hardware which provides flexibility of easy ramp up and ramp down with shorter deployment times. Open Storage delivers agility, without compromising on resilience, business availability and performance at optimal cost. With single pane of glass based UI, storage administration & management, workloads provisioning, reporting requires inexpensive skill set. Open Storage also provides more options to suit unique business and underlying application requirements.

Open Network

Wipro Open Network sub-offering enables customers in reducing application deployment times from weeks to hours and makes the network agile. Open Network provides high network utilization by supporting multiple virtual tenants and lead to capex savings of 30 to 50%. There is no vendor lock-in and usage of commodity merchant silicon hardware is possible.

Open Network is based upon Software Defined Network (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) principles. Open Network is an innovative architectural model that is capable of delivering flexible future proof network architecture providing automated provisioning, network virtualization, network programmability and centralized control to data center, enterprise and campus network.

Open Compute

Wipro Open Compute uses x86 based open hardware and enables customers to build flexible architecture in their data centers by leveraging Virtualization and Container technologies. Open compute supports most virtualization technology platforms such as VMware, Microsoft, RHEV, KVM and Docker for containerization. This results in vendor agnostic solutions with elastic capacity and optimal TCO.

Open Compute solutions stacks are pre-tested for inter-operability and performance in CoE Lab. We help customers to migrate the application portfolio to meet the business needs with optimal infrastructure refresh.

Open Cloud

Wipro's Open Cloud capabilities are across Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). It enables the customers to build hybrid or private cloud which includes self-service portal, capabilities such as billing, metering and chargeback, a platform to onboard applications and perform hybrid cloud management and workflow automation. The underlying layers of Storage, Compute and Network could be consuming standard x86 commodity hardware and software based controller.

Software Defined Non IT (DCIM)

Wipro's Software controlled non-IT aspects of a data center such as power, cooling and rack management brings innovative solutions for customers to maximize server uptime, resource utilization and prevent costly outages. Wipro’s home grown tools integrating the non-IT and IT assets in a single pane of glass, providing seamless monitoring and control, helps in detecting and troubleshooting issues, leading to unplanned downtime.