Infrastructure Testing Services

As Infrastructure gets increasingly complex, small changes cause a cascading effect. There are frequent firmware, driver and OS updates to keep pace with the newer release of hardware and software. The predominant challenges that organizations look at are quality, costs and improved time-to-market. As organization spend lot of money buying and upgrading applications they see a growing need to invest on testing applications, to fix bugs and ensure that the applications perform in real world.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's Infrastructure testing services help enterprises to address and overcome various market challenges. Our services provide the following benefits:

  • Improve quality of service
  • Higher availability of systems, stable environment
  • Reduce incidents caused by changes, reduce operational costs
  • Reduce operational risks
  • Improve time to market
  • Improve stability of applications - robust operating systems and sub components
  • Enhanced custom knowledgebase, simulation of problems and faster resolution

We have developed a tool for validation and verification that checks status in minutes, reducing manual errors as well as the effort to validate a build. We have also customized some of the performance and benchmarking tools to suit infrastructure testing, reducing setup time.

Our services in testing range from:

  • Development testing.
  • Environment verification testing
  • Deployment / Installation testing
  • System Integration testing
  • Volume & Performance testing
  • Operational readiness testing
  • Service readiness testing