Messaging & Collaboration Services

Enterprises today are experiencing a fundamental shift in workspace operations emphasizing, more than ever, the need for agile, secure and dynamic solutions for their distributed workforce. The need to break down the barriers of inefficient communication and ensure seamless collaboration is phenomenal. A full-featured access to email and collaboration services is the need of the hour.

We build, operate and provide consulting services on email and collaboration platforms like Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Notes. We monitor and support more than 1,500,000 mailboxes globally.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's strength in integrating UC features like presence, instant messaging, web and video conferencing, VOIP, mobility and federation can help your business collaborate in real time, cut project costs and maintain timeliness. Our end-to-end service cover not just support solutions but also provide:

  • Technology Consulting
  • Planning and Design
  • Implementation & Migration
  • 100% variablized SaaS model: A flexible and modular IT structure to enable mergers, acquisitions and divestiture
  • Wipro's Global Command Center (GCC) in India will be leveraged to provide Level-2 managed services support through shared resource
  • Advanced automation tools and left-shift of resources to improve productivity of resource and reduce effort over time
  • Integrated service delivery through ServiceNXT, Wipro's end-to-end delivery engine

Services Offered:

  • Functionalities
    • Exchange Web Services (EWS)
    • Gateway interfaces
    • Email search
    • eDiscovery collections
    • Message recalls
    • Sandbox environment for testing
    • Trend analysis and reporting
    • Technology currency
  • Managed services
    • Level-2 and level-3 support
    • Language pack support
    • Compliance and audit support
    • SMTP services
    • Mobile access support
    • Email routing support
  • Other requirements:
    • Antivirus / Antispam
    • Encryption
    • Integration to Abbott systems
    • MS Exchange administration
    • Presence integration
    • MS Office licenses