Directory Services

Active Directory is the nerve center of your enterprise, the information hub unifying identities and enabling collaboration. Enterprises envision a directory service that provides a seamless user experience with true single sign-on for all AD aware applications, support the deployment of enterprise-wide applications, policy enforcement and computer management.

Typical challenges that organizations face:

  • Heterogeneous environment – Multiple directories built on multiple platforms leading to increased complexity and higher support costs
  • Application Integration – Integrating enterprise wide applications with directory service
  • Refresh of legacy – With Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 nearing End of Life support, companies are increasingly looking for upgrades
  • Reduce Cost – Cost of directory service including hardware, software and management

How Wipro Helps

Our Directory Services help you with a directory solution that effectively manages the growing number of users, roles, devices and centralizes the storage and management of user information. We unleash the potential of your Active directory through our consulting, consolidation, migration and managed services. Our competent resources can help you:

  • Deploy a robust directory service
  • Integrate resources across LOB's
  • Configure access management
  • Policy enforcement and device management

Our Directory Services can thus help you realize a faster time-to-market and lower costs.

Services Offered:

  • Consulting
    • Technology Refresh Assessment
    • Building Business Case & Business Value Study
    • Draw IT Roadmap for the Directory Infrastructure
    • Gap Analysis
    • TCO / ROI Study
  • Architect
    • Architect solutions for Directory Service (Forest/Domain strategy, OU Model, GPO, RBAC, SSO)
    • Planning, Designing, Consolidation, Migration, Up gradation of Directory service
    • Disaster Recovery solution
  • Implementation
    • Migration from heterogeneous platforms
    • Consolidation or Up gradation of Directory Infrastructure
    • Assessment & Configuration of directory integrated applications
  • Manage
    • Administration & Management of Directory infrastructure
    • Performance Monitoring
    • Security hardening
    • Conduct periodic DR drills