Application Management Services

With users expecting applications to be delivered and function seamlessly on devices of their choice; the delivery and management of applications has become increasingly complex and costly. Typical IT services follows a linear process of packaging applications and distributing the same to their end user’s machines. With the consumerization of IT along with a diverse device portfolio, and a multi-OS environment, enterprises need to manage complexity in packaging for multiple formats and managing multiple distribution toolsets.

Wipro’s application management service allows enterprises to deliver applications to their end users intuitively, so that users just need to focus on the task at hand, while IT is able to significantly save on the license costs.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro offers a suite of services in Application management backed by experts in testing, packaging and deployment. Our approach covers the end-to-end process for Application Readiness starting from discovery to functional testing. We have partnerships with leading technology firms like Microsoft, Citrix, and Flexera among others. We deliver these services using a variety of delivery and pricing models to suit your requirements.

Our Application Management solution enables 30-45% IT savings and over 80% business savings in license management by providing:

  • Platform agnostic application packages
  • Unified distribution architecture that allows packages to be deployed across Mac, Windows & Chrome platforms
  • Integrated Software asset management to automatically reclaim unused licenses

With more than 10+ years in application migration services, we ensure that:

  • Advanced packaging isolated lab setup is in place adhering to ISO 20001 / ISO 27001 standards behind the PIX firewall along with individual networks for each different client.
  • Application Packaging Factory is built with central storage designed for highly restricted account based access to an engineer according to Wipro data integrity policies.
  • Standardized tools to automate the packaging and quality process
  • Centralized Knowledge-base portal

Wipro's Application Management services comprise the following offerings:

  • Discovery & Rationalization services
  • Application architecture design services
  • Testing & Packaging services
    • Assessment and Analysis
    • Testing
    • Remediate
    • Package & Deploy
  • Software distribution services
  • License management services