IT Organizations are increasingly adopting Centralization, Cloud and Mobility to deliver instant access, securely and reliably to their employees. These are important to realize enhanced employee productivity, cost rationalization and management control. Application performance in a distributed multi sourced network with centralization starts to degrade as an increasing number of users get logged into the same network – especially users in remote offices.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro WANTAGE is designed, implemented and managed by Wipro and provides guaranteed application optimization, bandwidth use reduction & WAN acceleration.

Key Benefits derived include:

  • Zero $ Investment - Realize cost savings with zero $ upfront investment. No capital investment and hence no budget approval issues.
  • Day 1 RoI - The Return on Investment is realized from Day 1. Since Capital investment is avoided, the breakeven is on Day 1.
  • Minimum Guarantee on Optimization - Wipro offers a unique proposition to customers with Guaranteed WAN Optimization. This assures ROI and guarantees performance.
  • Comprehensive Services - Address solution life-cycle issues with Wipro's comprehensive service offerings including managed services.
  • Best Technology Adoption - Maximize the benefits through the deployment of best in class WAN optimization products including application performance management
  • Pay as you grow - Optimize operating expenses with monthly service pricing and “pay as you grow' model. Maximize value for money.

Our Solution

Wipro WANTAGE is a unique solution for Enterprise Application Performance Optimization over the WAN that is offered in a "pay as you grow" model with comprehensive life-cycle services to enable day one realization of cost savings with zero upfront investment. Wipro WANTAGE provides a comprehensive application performance optimization for wide range of applications in different form factors which suits different customer requirements in Datacenter, Remote offices, Branch offices as well as for Mobile users. Wipro WANTAGE also provides WAN acceleration as a key benefit.