Wipro’s VirtuaDesk is a Desktop as a Service offering specifically focused on best-in-class solutions for the virtual workplace, enabled through desktop virtualization technology. Taking advantage of cloud architecture principles and technologies, VirtuaDesk offers a highly performant and cost-efficient solution for delivering virtual desktops and applications.  Key benefits include: 

  • Rapid Virtualization Deployment
  • Increased Business Agility
  • Improved Risk Management

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's VirtuaDesk provides a breakthrough solution for desktop virtualization delivered through a convergence of software, hardware, and service components. It captures Wipro's unique industry knowledge and enterprise-scale experience. VirtuaDesk enables enterprises to achieve substantial cost and performance savings while providing best-in-class desktop and application virtualization across industries. Key features include:

  • Hardware - Hardware architecture with Storage Boost solution, full redundancy for High Availability, optimized for cost and performance
  • Software - Software architecture with user self-service capabilities, deployment automation, support for High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Services - Managed Services include Implementation, Customer Support and Production Support with well-defined methodology, management tools and automation

Wipro partnered with industry-leading technology companies to build a fully-integrated and highly- optimized appliance. The guiding design principles are:

  • Cost Efficiency: keeping IO intensive reads and writes from the operating system on local storage eliminates the need for complex central SAN based solutions. For user data and profiles, the VirtuaDesk™ appliance can leverage cost-efficient Enterprise NAS storage.
  • Performance: The VirtuaDeskappliance utilizes the latest generation of hardware components and technologies to increase performance while lowering overall cost. Each server localizes storage IO for virtual desktops, utilizing a unique Storage Boost architecture with in-memory caching.
  • Scalability: You can implement the required capacity by selecting the right number of host servers within the VirtuaDesk™ appliance or by putting together multiple appliances and creating a Cluster. Each appliance is a self-contained module that can be deployed and seamlessly integrated with other appliances.
  • Availability: No single points of failure exist in the appliance architecture across any component including servers, networking, and storage. Management software components leverage application level replication techniques.
  • Ease of Integration: The appliance architecture defines clear and logical integration points with the corporate IT infrastructure and support existing workflow and processes.

Differentiators of Wipro's VirtuaDesk™ include:

  • Self-Service Portal that empowers users and brings agility and speed to application access and real-time desktop and application management
  • Storage Boost Technology, which uses software SANs to reduce storage cost and improve performance
  • Workload flexibility that enables VDI and Session Virtualization workloads to be supported on the same architecture; improving hardware utilization and simplifying deployments
  • Intelligent Image Management, which reduces OS storage requirements and improves performance by leveraging in memory caching at the hypervisor layer