As organizations expand and grow, they rely on branch offices to either gain a foothold into new markets or better serve their customers in local markets. Remote offices, which could be – bank branches, far flung manufacturing units, offshore mining stations, remote distribution nodes, dispersed communication centers, isolated medical facilities – do represent the face of the organization to its end customers. The Optimized Remote inherit the challenges of Standardization, Compliance and Single Window of management and monitoring of compute/storage outside the Core Data Centre hosted at remote/ branch offices or with third party vendors.

RoBoDo is a proposition of Wipro, whereby, your remote office management, transformation, upgrade, compliance guidelines and above all, end user experience is underwritten by us, whilst assuring significant operational gain and adoption of niche technology frameworks.

How Wipro Helps

RoBoDo Solution Benefits:

The aforesaid Vision can be achieved by faithfully implementing the strategy, exemplified by the following tenets:

  • Single Pane of Glass for SLA and Management
  • Reduce need for specialized IT skills
  • Substantial reduction in space and power
  • Aim for 40-60% lower of incumbent operational expense

Value to Business:

  • 75% Improved Space Utilization
  • 25% CAPEX reduction
  • 50% Power Saving
  • 100% Predictable scalability cost

Wipro RoBoDo is a unique - remote office IT management service - "pay as you grow" model with comprehensive life-cycle services to enable day one realization of cost savings with zero upfront investment for customers.

We offer

  • IaaS for Remote, Branch, Distribution office
  • Pay as you Grow Model
  • Guaranteed optimization
  • 360 Degree Services

In effect, Wipro, alongside its partner habitat, shall provide Install, Manage, Upgrade et al services, whilst underwriting pre-declared performance parameters.

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