Master Data Management (MDM)

Master Data is the shared business critical information within an enterprise about customers, suppliers and products that supports the transactional and analytical operations. Accurate Master Data speeds up product introduction cycles, improves ability to cross sell/up sell, and tightens regulatory compliance to customer privacy and vendor listing. It also enables a seamless customer experience across channels, brands, and functions. Master Data Management puts in place tools, processes, and controls that reduce errors, improve data usability and quality, as well as reliability of Master Data.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro offers an end-to-end suite of Master Data Management (MDM) services to address MDM needs of every critical master data domain and industry.

Our MDM Service includes:

  • Consulting services for building a business case for a standalone MDM program
  • Building a data governance framework
  • Developing a data platform to support a transformation initiative
  • Implementing COTS products
  • Undertaking sustenance programs

Wipro owns a patent in "Architecture for Master Data Management" and offers the following MDM solutions across industries:

  • MDM Islands - LEI (Industry Applicability: Financial Services) - MDM Islands is a collection of MDM solutions spanning multiple financial data domains offering components on quality, integration and data management processes. It enables you to lower risks, comply with various regulations (Dodd Frank, KYC, FATCA etc.), improve customer centricity and reduce time to market
  • Retail Master (Industry Applicability: Retail) - An integrated set of MDM hubs that provides a Master Data platform for retailers embarking on Integrated Multi-Channel Retailing (IMCR) or to those planning to enter new markets. The solution lowers the risk of implementing multiple hubs simultaneously, while ensuring adoption of MDM best practices
  • MiDAS (Use case Applicability: B2B customer insights) - A customer centricity solution that allows effective management of customer Master Data. It offers quality management, governance and synchronization of Master Data to help you offer a superior customer experience, identify cross-sell/upsell opportunities, and improve sales operations and business agility
  • Vendor Smart (Use case Applicability: Vendor management) - A comprehensive solution that helps consolidate vendor information and business processes, centralize the creation and management of vendor information that is accurate and consistent, reduce erroneous vendor onboarding, reduce procurement spend and facilitate compliance
  • Vendor Derisk (Industry Applicability: Oil & Gas) - Assesses risks associated with vendors through selection and validation of vendor information for Health and Safety Environment (HSE) regulations for hazardous materials. It ensures that your vendors provide accurate, up-to-date material safety data sheets (MSDS) associated with materials. This helps in reducing risk of dealing with vendors having legal and/or financial difficulties by providing the latest view of their financial and legal risks
  • ServsMart (Industry: Oil and Gas) - Centralizes the creation and management of services Master Data in the enterprise. It enables you to create a golden version of Services Master Data and make it available across all channels for continuous improvement, increased productivity, reduced risks and better compliance. You get better insights into your business operations and uncover your saving potential
  • MCore - A multi-domain MDM framework that allows you to leverage existing "best-of-breed" tools. It also helps you consolidate data from disparate source systems while ensuring quality
  • WiDAB - A comprehensive data assessment framework that provides your business and IT stakeholders the necessary insights into data quality