ServiceNXT™ Cloud Operations Center

Whether you use traditional data centers, virtualized environments, an on/off-premise private cloud public clouds or hybrid clouds, ServiceNXT™ Cloud Operations Center provides the ideal platform to Provision, Configure, Secure, Monitor And Manage your applications and Cloud infrastructure – transforming your enterprise to have a seamless Hybrid Cloud experience.

How Wipro Helps

ServiceNXT™ Cloud Operations Center enables robust administrative and monitoring capabilities, allowing your clients and enterprise users to:

  • Get the best services and advice on infrastructure and cloud services
  • Simplify the Hybrid cloud environment through multi-vendor management
  • Get a comprehensive view of the provisioned applications and services and
  • Proactively manage the IT expense, SLAs and internal chargeback at low costs

With Wipro’s ServiceNXT™ Cloud Operations Center, your business can achieve significant benefits, including:

  • Unified Service Management with centralized policy management and workflow automation
  • Centralized Dashboard of SLA and Assets spanning multiple cloud environments
  • Enhanced business agility and faster time to market with resource elasticity and high scalability
  • Cloud-based pay-per-use pricing models
  • Compliance and monitoring of services in the cloud environment
  • Analytic modeling for predicting the future capacity requirements and application response times
  • Workflow and processes automation across the proposed and third-party solutions and platforms
  • Self-Service Provisioning of machines on demand directly based on preconfigured approval workflows
  • Charge back to internal Business Units based on consumption

Client Successes

For a large US-based Education solutions provider: Wipro saves 30% costs through cloud migration and management delivering key benefits:

  • Scalable e-commerce applications that supports 2mn user traffic
  • Quick business turnaround, through an efficient disaster recovery system

For the customers of a large UK-based insurance provider: Wipro   enabled seamless online accessibility enabling the client achieve:

  • Reduced administrative and IT burden  through automation
  • Adherence to regulation and legal compliance
  • Seamless accessibility to the online portal and ease of use for group pension enrolment
  • Reduced complexity of managing workloads in a Hybrid Cloud environment

Faster decision making through a 'single pane of glass' view