Rapid Cloud Enablement Suite

Cloud application migration and modernization has become an imperative, to support dynamic business demands, and large-scale, multi-geography projects. Wipro’s Rapid Cloud Enablement Suite is designed to optimize the Design and Build phase of your Cloud. The solution empowers you to make the right investments in an incremental manner, with predictable outcomes in your Cloud journey.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's vast experience in helping customers adopt Cloud through various stages of maturity, coupled with a robust migration and governance framework of the Rapid Cloud Enablement Suite, enables your enterprise to make a seamless transition to the cloud in 5 stages:

  • Assess - classify workloads and identify potential hot-spots
  • Analyze - define the Cloud migration path for each workload
  • Migrate - accelerate the actual migration process
  • Test - test the performance of workloads that are migrated to Cloud
  • Release - implement a smooth and automated transition plan to the Cloud

Wipro’s Rapid Cloud Enablement Suite enables your business: