Enterprise Operations Transformation

Organizations today need to stay ahead of technological advances in order to be agile, flexible and profitable. However, this requires large scale transformation activities involving costly system integration as well as re-engineering processes which require heavy capex, long lead times and impact on ROI. Companies are therefore looking for transformative processes involving digitization, automation, and operational agility which not only helps in improving operating metrics, but also results in better customer engagement.

How Wipro Helps

Enterprise Operations Transformation is a modular framework based on the concepts of ‘simplification’, ‘automation’, ‘intelligence’, and ‘immersive experience’ to significantly lower a client’s capex and deliver rapid returns on investment (ROI). Covering all aspects of front office, middle office and back office transformation, the framework is aimed at reducing cost to serve, improving revenues and enhancing customer experience.

Leveraging Enterprise Operations Transformation can provide high impact results across several functions in the organization including:

  • Increasing revenues by 12-15% with increased sales and improved service support
  • Enhancing CSAT/NPS by 10 BPS
  • Reducing churn by up to 20%
  • Ensuring ~99% accuracy in SLAs
  • Facilitating greater visibility, control and compliance of managing outsourced business


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