Robotic Process Automation

With the BPS industry maturing, clients are demanding competitive pricing. In return, service providers are foregoing margins for a lion’s share of the market, leading to price wars. Here, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) helps organizations to optimize cost and enhance customer experience by eliminating human errors. RPA has been a shot-in-the-arm for outsourced processes as it reduces costs associated with labor, which is the fulcrum of the service industry today.

How Wipro Helps

Our RPA services complement process re-engineering methodologies such as Lean and Six Sigma which in isolation may not always be effective for business transformation given the short time-frame and dynamic nature of today’s businesses. While system transformation can provide significant productivity improvement, it typically requires heavy investments with longer lead times, and may have uncertain ROI. Our RPA services help you achieve next generation business goals and high productivity through rapid deployment and limited CapEx requirements.

Our Robotic Process Automation Services enable:

  • Rapid delivery of the next wave of productivity improvement to business processing operations
  • Supply processing capacity to meet demand that is spiky or cyclical in nature
  • Innovation by allowing employees the time to focus on customer satisfaction by freeing them up from rules based repetitive tasks
  • Build a bridgehead to automate work for a short to medium term requirement – for example, prior to deployment of a strategic application, or for processing work with a finite duration
  • Quick response to fiscal or regulatory changes that demand additional manual processing
  • Quality improvement with a 100% accuracy on automated cases
  • Capital spend avoidance on customizing your systems

Our solution replicates human actions in completing rule-based tasks. We realize that the best value from RPA is achieved when coupled with process re-engineering. Our proprietary assessment methodology and proven deployment record (that employs both our process and technology expertise) helps you realize maximum gains from this innovative solution.

Our approach to process optimization is based on exception-based process model that delivers up to 30% to 50% productivity improvement



  • Cost savings: Priced less than off-shore FTEs resulting in significant labor cost savings
  • Higher ROI: No costly integration and expensive process redesign; reduced overhead costs
  • Low cost ramp-up on demand: Cost of additional software robots during seasonal demand is minimal
  • Elimination of rework helps reduce project costs substantially


  • Business agility: Can automate in days and weeks
  • Quick scalability and flexibility: Rapidly, flexibly scaled up and down within hours
  • Accuracy: Works with near-zero error rates 24/7/365 to accelerate productivity
  • Enhances productivity: No downtime; time savings ensures staff can focus on higher value, customer-focused activities
  • Security, Quality and Compliance: Audited and managed within IT corridors of governance


  • Regulatory and audit compliance: RPA makes collecting and organizing data easier enabling decision makers with wealth of information
  • Business intelligence and process analytics: RPA aids in predicting future outcomes and making smarter, faster decisions by recording all transactions centrally
  • Improved company value proposition: An outcome of avoiding bottlenecks and streamlining critical processes