Interactive Content Services

Today’s digitally empowered customers are quick to make their purchase decisions. With a wide variety of purchase options and constant brand advertising, garnering customer loyalty is a challenge. Therefore, marketing messages must be powerful, consistent and help to create lasting impressions. Orchestrating the delivery of impactful marketing messages across channels and geographies requires operational excellence and agility driven by proven approaches that are customized to client needs.

As digital partners, we help enterprises overcome challenges such as ineffective execution of campaigns, inefficiencies in stakeholder management, working in digital silos, lack of skills, and access to best-in-class marketing tools.

How Wipro Helps

Our Marketing as a service offering covers the entire marketing lifecycle right through data, intelligence, content, campaign and analytics. With over 400 experienced marketing professionals across the globe we provide high impact results across several functions in the organization including

  • Unified digital campaign management: 100% on time and error-free delivery of web and e-mail campaigns
  • Deliver end-to-end technical publishing solutions: 35% reduction in support and training cost
  • High end print and online creative: 40% Reduction in operational cost in 15% reduction in average handling time
  • Online reputation management solution: 243 content takedowns. Ensured superior customer engagement, increased conversion rates and lesser go to market cycles
  • Digital content management

      Digital content management: Enables uninterrupted, personalized user experience across multiple digital touchpoints

    • Content marketing mix: display ads, advertorials
    • E-mail, website campaigns
    • Social and web content management
    Social media management

      Social media management: Ensures superior customer engagement, increased conversion rates and shorter go-to-market cycles

    • Social listening, analysis and reporting
    • Content rollout via campaign, forums, and blogs
    • Online reputation management (ORM)
    Information engineering

      Information engineering (Technical publications) : Delivers end to end technical publishing solutions across verticals with best practices developed over the years

    • Content design and authoring
    • Content validation, illustrations
    • Content publishing, domain specific content solutions
    • Publishing to smart devices
    • Knowledge management
  • Marketing analytics

      Marketing analytics: Collect, analyze and visualize online data to provide actionable insights resulting in faster time-to-market

    • Text analytics
    • Sentiment analytics
    • Web analytics and reporting
    • Social media analytics
    Location Based Services

      Location Based Services: Domain capabilities to process linear data from legacy formats to its digitized form with high precision accuracy

    • Route planning & optimization
    • Mapping utility lines
    • Mobile GIS
    • Point of Interest (POI) geocoding
    • Linear maps
    • POI & linear QA
    Digital Creative Services

      Digital Creative Services helps enterprises create a superior and differentiated multi-screen user experience by combining digital strategy, design and data insights

    • User experience design
    • UI design and build
    • Creative design services
    • Online marketing collaterals