Order – to – Cash

The Order to Cash cycle is the financial life blood of any organization. Not only does it determine how quickly an invoice or an order from a customer is translated into cash in the bank, it also determines the customer experience, perception and value add of the service provider. Key areas such as operational efficiency, cost pressures and stakeholder value enhancement are often contradictory in nature and have significant impact on the cycle. This makes it even more imperative for an organization to focus on creating a best-in-class Order-to-Cash Cycle.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's end-to-end Order to Cash Service focuses on improving credit exposure visibility, optimizing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) levels and reducing costs while providing transformational business benefits. The technology components supporting our service are completely flexible, scalable and can be deployed rapidly. This reduces your total cost of ownership and improves cash flow forecasting with comprehensive compliance measures.

Our Order to Cash Service address key challenges by:

  • Reducing or optimizing DSO
  • Improving cash flow forecasting
  • Reducing receivables processing
  • Managing credit risk exposures, losses from bad debt write-offs and collections expense

We drive your Order to Cash cycle through true optimization and provide an end-to-end view of the entire process. Our service is supported by Base)))™, an integrated order management business intelligence and analytics module that helps you achieve higher efficiencies in order management, payment processing and collections processes directly addressing the cost pressures and revenue leakages.

  • Our service helps you:
  • Optimize working capital through optimal DSO levels
  • Improve cash flow forecasting/guidance
  • Reduce cost to collect
  • Build predictive management for credit risk exposures
  • Ensure accurate billing and fulfillment process
  • Improve operational efficiency from customer master data set-up to final cash application process