Financial Planning & Analysis

The over-arching purpose of Financial Planning & Analysis teams is to drive execution of the organizational strategy. These teams help the entire organization make better decisions, and maximize value creation and protection at the enterprise level. Their role is in effect to be value integrators, supporting the finance controllers by turning information into knowledge, and knowledge into actionable insights.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro helps manage your challenges with manual reporting, non-standard budgeting and forecasting models, pressure to improve cash flows and margins, lack of financial and internal controls and changing tax environments. Our service focuses on providing standard reporting across your organization along with reliable accounting, treasury and taxation processes, stringent internal controls and compliance services. We enable this by:

  • Establishing Performance Management Frameworks
  • Empowering Decision Making Through CFO Dashboards Base)))™ Prism
  • Processing and Reporting Automation

We help you improve financial controls and agility through financial risk reduction, enhanced statement quality and regulatory compliance performance, and faster adaptation to market changes. Our service offerings enable:

  • A clear line of sight between strategic goals and day-to-day activities
  • An understanding of the key drivers of profit and value creation
  • Strategy enabling balanced, actionable and cascadable KPI-s
  • Systemic ability to identify and track value creating initiatives
  • Built-in, real-time financial dashboards, reporting and analytics to make better and faster decisions
  • Capability to incorporate both financial and operational information to identify and analyze business drivers
  • Ability to view information that aligns to various stakeholder requirements
  • Good use of alerts, exception reporting, trends and drill down
  • Focus on quality, costs and capacity
  • KPI focused performance management