Speech & Text Analytics

In this age of customer centricity and inter connectivity, organizations leverage a plethora of contact channels and web self-service that generate an enormous amount of customer data. While customer interactions provide valuable insights, the challenge for the industry is to analyze these interactions to improve productivity, customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

Our Speech and Text Analytics Solution enables you analyze interactions in real time to provide “Next Best Action” at the opportune time of the conversation to provide resolution, sales or retention offers that are customized for the need of every individual customer. The solution also helps you spot trends, understand call drivers, identify best practices and highlight operational gaps or agent training needs.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's Speech & Text Analytics solution delivers comprehensive speech analytics to provide you with prompt and actionable intelligence from multi-channel customer interactions at the contact center through voice, chat, email, social media posts or post-call feedbacks on IVR and Web forms:

  • Phonetic indexing and transcription of calls
  • Emotion analysis by identifying variations in tone and pitch
  • Text analytics of email and chats to gain customer insights and product preferences
  • Analysis of agent desktop interaction to identify agent knowledge and efficiency
  • Analysis of social media posts to identify trends and proactively engage with customers on a real-time basis

Specific and accurate insights obtained from harnessing the vast amount of structured and unstructured data generated at contact centers help address your challenges by streamlining and optimizing your processes, driving customer satisfaction and improving revenue generation:

  • Enhanced customer experience driving customer loyalty from an understanding of the root cause of dissatisfaction
  • Improved operational metrics
  • Insights about competitive threats and opportunities to help you stay ahead of the curve
  • Better agent performance
  • Increased revenue generation