Social Media Customer Care

The reach and speed of social media platforms ensure that customer feedback and sentiments get maximum broadcast. Organizations often confuse social customer care with social presence. Having a visible and active social presence does not translate into an organization’s ability to provide customer service through the social channel.

By extending the discipline of the contact centre to the social sphere, organizations can consolidate and orchestrate conversations to achieve greater insights and thereby address customer concerns.

How Wipro Helps

Social care has moved beyond the experimental stage and needs to be treated as an integral component of the next generation customer contact centre's arsenal. Designed from the ground-up for customer support, our social media customer care solutions allow you to:

  • Focus and measure your social service efforts and outcomes by taking a disciplined, measured approach to social media that is already in place for other channels
  • Capture, prioritize and automatically assign social interactions to the team best equipped to handle the request
  • Maintain the context of social conversations to ensure that it's a real dialogue and not an isolated response
  • Enable proactive care for the social consumer for real-time or scheduled notifications

The ability to innovate ways to consistently deliver a superior customer experience is not just a survival skill; it's the key to a thriving enterprise. Our social media customer care solution leverages the unique power of social channels while striving to:

  • Reduce service costs by driving customers to lower cost interaction channels and deflecting inbound calls from the contact center.
  • Increase agent efficiency by automating the flow of social interaction into your contact center and providing agents with a dynamic work queue of auto-prioritized, auto-tagged, and auto-categorized interactions with full conversation threading and customer history.
  • Increase customer loyalty and build a network of brand advocates over social media channels