Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics Based Real-Time Agent Assistance

Human interactions are unpredictable and although contact centers have well defined business rules for resolution of customer issues, the decision of application of the best business decision is often left to human judgement. Contact centers are challenged to accurately predict customer behaviour and offer consistent levels of service because of agent tenure or training needs.

Wipro’s predictive analytics-based real time agent assistance takes away agent subjectivity in decision making with an automated propensity engine.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's propensity engine helps you protect and grow revenue through accurate prediction of churn or sales opportunity with built in "Next Best Action" that objectively guides agents in real time during customer interactions. The key solution features are:

  • Customer behavior data driven predictive models
  • Ease of deployment and use
  • Multiple retention/cross-sell offers based on business needs
  • Real-time assistance during customer interactions
  • Highly customized to client's business strategy and needs

The engine proactively aids agents to take real time decision through a powerful analytics engine that accurately calculates propensity to churn opportunity for a sale and provides recommendations or proactive action for effective retention or cross- sell/up-sell strategy, delivering the following benefits:

  • Retaining high valued / desired customers leading to improving profits
  • Improved share of wallet through effective and relevant cross-selling
  • Create consistency across the floor for all the agents in-terms of customer communication
  • Positive impact created on CSAT and FCR through real-time aid from the tool
  • Remove agent's subjectivity in decision making and bring about objectivity in handling customers
  • Cut down on training time and cost