Post Sales Support – Diagnosis

Global organizations today offer comparable products and services with little differentiation in design, features and pricing models. In this scenario, building customer loyalty by way of swift troubleshooting and problem resolution through Diagnostic Services helps “close-loop” the customer value chain. However, helpdesks are cost centers and challenge organizations to look at optimized support processes – whether to reduce volumes, make technical support premium or provide integrated support by generating revenue.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro has over 9000 resources providing technical and after-sales product support to global enterprises. Our robust delivery platform is built on 14 years of core delivery experience and can meet the constant changing requirements of a technical contact center with agility and dynamism. Some of the key services we deliver include:

  • Technical Troubleshooting - Consumer and Enterprise (L1 to L3)
  • Problem Simulation and Diagnostics
  • Installation
  • Warranty and Post-Warranty Support
  • Co-Browsing and Remote Troubleshooting

Post-Sales Support establishes an organization's credentials as customer caring. These helpdesks are no longer cost centers but integrated hubs which drive support, revenue and customer experience management. Key features of our Post-Sales Diagnostic Support include:

  • Revenue Enablement: We assist you get revenue uplifts to the tune of 15% in a technical non-sales channel. We have enabled revenue generation of USD 100 million for a Technology customer over a period of 4 years in a non-sales support queue. This was done through a focused cross-sell/up-sell strategy based on automated decision trees supported by an analytical engine prompting agents what, when and whom to sell.
  • Premium Technical Support Experience: We have extensive experience in paid premium technical support with focus on business metrics, resolution and higher customer experience for retention. Paid support demands excellence and our knowledge transfer and delivery enablement teams work hand-in-hand to create a focused service delivery team.
  • Channel optimization: Post-Sales Support is not restricted to voice helpdesks any more. We are pushing calls to low cost channels, personalizing support and implementing Social Media 'close-looping' to ensure standardization and optimization of customer touch-points.
  • Analytics powered Sales: Cross-Sell/Up-Sell bundled offerings can make your spends almost cost-neutral through revenue generation while we provide the best customer experience to your customers. Based on an analytics run propensity to buy score, our agents are able to provide customized offers to customers' basis their support and purchase history. These sales in-effect make your product support engagement almost cost neutral.