Post Sales Support (Customer Interaction)

Customers grow us, we need them to stay with us, use our products and services, add our new offerings to their portfolio, and grow our revenue. Retaining customers is hence the cornerstone of all successful post-sale interactions. Customer retention in the light of similar offerings, product lines and services has become a challenge to organizations as they increasingly look upon a loyal customer as the key catalyst for a better top line.

How Wipro Helps

Post-Sale Services need to close on the commitments provided during the customer acquisition phase. Hence the criticality of understanding customers drives our offerings. Our day-to-day work focuses on spotting billing errors, using analytics to retain them, giving them a complete understanding of an invoice, coordinating with field support, and aligning and allocating engineers. We do this across multiple domains like Telecom services, Enterprise hardware, Point of Sale Systems and Consumer Electronics. Below is a snapshot of our key offerings in this segment:

  • Customer Support / Level 0 Support
  • 3600 Customer Profiling and Loyalty Management
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Engineer Dispatch
  • Engineer Allocation
  • Complaints Center
  • Proactive Retention Programs/Loyalty Support
  • Charge Disputes
  • Credit Provision and Collections
  • Up-Sell and Cross-Sell

Post-Sales Customer interactions set the standard of support experience that organizations seek. We have increased customer satisfaction for our customers by 400-500 base points in the last one year.

Key features of our Post-Sales Support service include:

  • 360 Degree Customer profiling: Critical to proactive resolution and customized offers is about understanding customer needs, buying preferences and brand and product choices. Our profiling engine ensures retention and drives loyalty to enable quicker resolution to predictive complaints and upgrade to newer products & services
  • Effective Delivery Management: Typical queries arise because of a lack of knowledge on product and service policies or a mismatch in the promises made at the time of sale. Attention to detail is critical for the agent here, who needs to ensure there are no gaps in the experience the customer seeks. This is enabled by continuous monitoring of agent performance, through automated quality monitoring and TNI enabled vitality training.
  • Real-Time Dissatisfaction Management: Our powerful customer analytics helps us to identify customer dissatisfaction in real-time and allows to take immediate action.
  • Predictive Support: Predictive and click-stream analytics ensure we track customer interests and provide personalized information and plans and drive our cross-sell and up-sell campaigns