Order Enquiry & Status

Order misses, delays, incorrect processing lead to irate customers. Managing delivery escalations post a successful sale becomes a challenge for the customer support team which has just done a customer acquisition. Eventually a product delivery delay increases the Total Cost of Service for an organization thereby impacting the bottom line severely.

As a lifecycle service provider, Wipro focus on case closures. We firmly believe that customer queries should be addressed at each part of the lifecycle of delivering a product or service to the point customers derive value from that service or offering.

How Wipro Helps

We track operations for our product support global customers on 90% plus accuracy in order entry, effective dispatches and customer satisfaction scores. We are driven by the need of reducing repeat contacts and wrong dispatches. We help you with:

  • Order Entry, Creation & Enquiry - Enable sales order creation, processing for or on your behalf
  • Raise parts request - Assist customers in real-time requests for accessories or parts
  • RMA & Dispatch Support - Coordinate with multiple functions including Supply Chain, Warehouse and delivery to get products on priority
  • Complaints Management & Cancellations - Act as Escalation SPOCs and work with customers to retain them, through either offering replacement, customised services etc. This is further enabled by our loyalty solution which enables agents to take more informed decisions.

Our Order Support services ensure completion of the customer management browse to buy lifecycle. Customer information is analysed and on time delivery is tracked as a critical business metric and part of the Total Cost of Ownership.

Key features of our Post-Sales Support service include:

  • Single Support line: Irrespective of the medium contacted, the agent as part of post-sale support continues to be the SPOC who can provide transparent resolution to customers on their delivery issues
  • Customer Profiling to Assist Retention: Managing escalations or cancellations becomes easier when we can profile the customer's past interaction history with us. This enables us to understand past misses and real-time configure specific solutions and offerings to retain customers
  • Case Management: Case ownership eventually is important right from entering orders to ensuring and confirming its delivery. Our Case Management and proactive dialer ensures our agents own the problem, document correctly and coordinate efficiently. Focus is on a minimal return rate

We maintain a 98% plus rate on accuracy in order entry and a < 10-12% return rate towards fulfillment processing.