NextGen Premium Customer Support

For premium consumers, quality customer support is just as important as the quality of the product itself. With increasing dependence on technology, swift guidance to address issues and technical incidents is critical in enhancing customer experience and maintaining loyalty. Today, the frustration caused by long hold times and unsolved problems can quickly result in a poor reputation, customer erosion and, consequently, lost revenue. Yet a positive experience can produce repeat buyers with multiple networked devices and services.

Wipro’s Next-Gen Premium Customer Support is focused on servicing your premium customers through innovative contact center. We transform your premium support services by applying three key elements: People, Process and Technology.

How Wipro Helps

Our Premium Customer Experience solution eliminates wait times at the IVR and provides automated commitment management solution for unresolved queries on a support or service call. The solution enables customers to choose their preferred call back times through SMS or IVR at busy hours.

The automated commitment management feature does away with the requirement of manual tracking of promised call backs and supervisor reminders. Once a call back is logged in the system, the intelligent routing system tracks the agent who made the call back promise, calculates the availability of the agent for the call back at promised time and automatically places the agent on outbound mode with a preview of the call back issue. If the agent is unable to make the call back at promised time, the solution identifies an available agent with similar skill set or escalates to a defined hierarchy.

Key Features:

  • SMS and ANI based call back solutions at the IVR for customers to schedule call backs at their convenience
  • Automated call back tracking for promised callbacks by agents
  • Intelligent and automatic routing of outbound call backs to front ending agents enabling complete issue ownership even for issues that require back office interventions
  • Automatic tracking and escalation of promised call backs to ensure commitments made are never missed


Automation for better customer experience

  • Our dedicated premium queue agents provide personalized support as a single-point-of-contact to close-loop the process
  • We enable call-back requests through ANI, SMS-based call buster options for premium customers during peak-volumes on the IVR. This drives enhanced customer experience and loyalty
  • Elimination of wait times at IVR

Skilled knowledge specialists:

  • Our specialists empowered with a one-stop solution that helps facilitates a check on the service request across various phases of maturity for better, faster and personalized resolution for your customers
  • Complete issue ownership and reduced repeat calls