Next Gen Customer Experience

As customers become more connected and increasingly aware of choices at their disposal, providing them the best-in-class experience takes an unprecedented level of importance.In the battle for customers’ loyalty, organizations find it difficult to keep pace with the sheer plethora of touch points, rapidly evolving customer needs and are often faced with:

  • Inconsistent quality of support across multiple channels
  • Disparate technology components and data sources functioning in silos
  • Workforce challenges such as attrition, training timelines, knowledge gaps
  • Operational adherence and quality compliance
  • Revenue growth through customer acquisition and retention

Organizations today, however, have access to an abundance of information about customers. It is upon them to best leverage this treasure of data to identify opportunities within a customer support eco-system and bridge the current gap between their service delivery approach and growing customer expectations.

How Wipro Helps

At Wipro, we combine our industry insights and best-in-class technology to give you a distinct advantage in today's rapidly changing environment and implement your customer experience strategy more effectively. To help you deliver a differentiated and outstanding value to customers, NGCE aims to drive tangible business benefits across the following parameters:

  • Interaction costs - Reduced costs with lesser repeat calls and intelligent channel decisions
  • Agent Productivity - Faster and first time right responses due to Unified User Interface and real-time Next Best Action prompts for the agents
  • Revenue Generation - Incremental Revenues generated from up sell/ cross sell recommendations
  • Customer Loyalty - Improved customer experience due to proactive customer profiling & customized NBA powered by analytics

Wipro's NGCE brings together a game changing technology combined with proven customer support expertise to deliver a superior customer experience management model. Powered by an analytical engine, NGCE collates structured and unstructured data to present a 360° view of the customer along with actionable recommendations in real time to empower your customer service team on every interaction to deliver best-in-class customer experience.

Some of the key differentiating aspects of NGCE are:

  • Unified User Interface - A single unified view of all applications with relevant data to reduce agent effort and the handle time.
  • Customer 360° View - A holistic view of customer preferences, their satisfaction levels, life cycle state, churn propensity etc. to anticipate issues well in advance and empower agents with a better understanding of the customer sentiment and feedback.
  • Issue Anticipation - Forecast the reason behind a customer interaction even before it reaches customer support, thereby reducing agent effort and customer frustration on issue probing.
  • Next-Best Action engine - Apart from knowledgebase, probing trees and troubleshooting steps, agents can access personalized "next-best action" prompts to resolve customer issues, manage churn and facilitate cross-sell / upsell opportunities on every interaction at the right time via the right channel.
  • Churn Management - With the help of life cycle and behavioral analytics, NGCE can pro-actively identify & measure churn propensity to enable Next Best Action prompts for the agent to minimize churn and retain customers.
  • Cross-sell / Upsell Manager - The cross-Sell/upsell manager aims at recommending personalized offers in the form of NBAs to improve customer loyalty and increase ARPU.

Channel Decision Engine - Analytics driven channel assessment and integration for improved contact channel performance and reduced cost to serve