In – The – Moment Authentication

Customers face an unending list of personal identification questions at the very start of a call. This repeat interrogation as part of a routine authentication process is not only inconvenient for customers, it is also a drain on cost to serve, as manual authentication processes can utilize up to a quarter of the average handle time of contacts and can result in a considerable loss of minutes from the millions of calls landing in a contact center. Furthermore the authentication process which is based on questions around personal details is vulnerable to identity theft fraud.

Wipro’s In-the-Moment Authentication solution fortifies and simplifies the authentication process by utilizing voice biometrics to authenticate customers in real-time. The solution helps contact centers to:

  • Securely authenticate customers in real time without complex questions
  • Accelerate time to service and free up more time for customer support and revenue generation
  • Passively enroll customers and improve fraud protection on all enrolled accounts

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's solution uses proven voice biometric authentication with contextual telephony, transactional analytics and real time decision guidance to securely authenticate customers in real time.

  • Voice Biometrics - Uses voice print matching stored on a database to match customers with their voice prints. Provides for secure identification and verification of customers in just a few seconds.
  • Context and Telephony Analytics - Caller geo location, IVR transactions, ANI matching and other data are used to create dynamic security questions if a caller voice match is declined by the system.
  • Transactional Analytics - Historic data for customer's past interactions are used to create dynamic security questions
  • Real Time Agent Decision Guidance - The support representatives are guided through dynamic security questions and an optional referral process. The solution notifies agents if a caller has been identified at the voice matching stage or any additional authentication measure based upon dynamic security questions needs to be followed

In the moment authentication solution securely authenticates customers without repetitive questions based on personal information. The solution brings the following benefits:

  • Reduces average handle time by upto 46 seconds per call
  • Reduces operational costs and challenges to enrol customers
  • Reduces customer time and effort required to authenticate
  • Improves security and removes access by fraudulent callers