Digital Enablement

Digital Enablement with smart self service and predictive chat

The high street has given way to website as the first stop of customer interaction and online experience often defines the way brands are perceived by consumers. Digital solutions have consequently moved from an "also have" to a "must have" capability for organizations. The challenge for you is to engage customers online with intuitive self help and chat channels that offer the same level of service that customers experience at their contact centers or physical stores.

Wipro’s progressive digital enablement suite of solution systematically helps you to educate and enable end-customers to leverage your web resources to their full potential by making self-service intelligent and interactive.

How Wipro Helps

We have seen dramatic improvements in web adoption and marked improvements in FCR and CSAT with these solutions and have enabled our customers to adopt and manage their TCO (Total Cost of Operations) with deflection to and containment on digital channels of support across industry verticals.

Key Features:

  • Highly personalized support for online channels like web self service, virtual chats and predictive chats
  • Solution that is agnostic of the chat tool provider and is delivered with Wipro agents servicing chats boarded partners for each solution
  • Quick go-to market with on-boarded partners for each solution
  • Analytics integrated operations and progressive channels that explore the scope of deflection from voice to lower cost channels
  • Continued chat performance management by Wipro SMEs

Our self service solution suite, supported by intuitive virtual chat with seamless escalations to live agent assisted chat ensures that customers, who start their support journey on the web, stay on the web.The solution delivers the following benefits:

  • Improved adoption of lower cost channels
  • Consistent cross channel experience
  • Reduction in call volumes through web containment
  • Guaranteed improvement in FCR and CSAT
  • Deflection to lower cost channels with IVR messaging
  • FTE Optimization with proactive invite management and virtual agents