Customer Experience Management & Transformation

Customers today are perpetually connected and have unending choice of channels for reaching out to companies. They are mobile, active on social networks and have access to competition information. Customer Experience has thus emerged as a powerful differentiator for every organization for revenue growth and protection. Faced with these disruptive forces, customer service departments are challenged to offer streamlined service across disparate channels, gain insight from customer transactions across multiple touch points, predict customer behavior or preferences and provide customized sales and service without adding to operational costs.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's Customer Experience Transformation practice looks beyond traditional contact center support and uses digital enablement technology in conjunction with advanced analytics and smart automation to offer Next Gen BPO solutions that help you offer customized service, ensure omni-channel experience and drive usage of self-service while keeping the focus firmly on great customer experience:

  • Improved Customer Experience, NPS and CSAT
  • Comprehensive Channel Strategy
  • Adoption of and deflection to lower cost channels
  • FTE optimization with productivity management and automation
  • Analytics integrated operations with actionable insights and proactive performance management

Our Customer Experience Management and Transformation Center of Excellence will help you adapt your customer service strategy to evolving market needs and take advantage of Next Gen Technology to transform business processes.

  • Channel Optimization and Migration Strategy - A consultative approach that leverages our domain expertise with comprehensive analytics to create the best channel mix and real time channel strategy

  • Digital Enablement - Solutions like smart self-service, next generation chat and social support help you deliver a consistent customer experience across channels
  • Predictive Modeling - Leverage the wealth of structured and unstructured data to create analytical models that will provide real-time up-sell/cross-sell and retention recommendations to contact center agents
  • Premium Customer Experience - Offer a differentiated experience to premium customers that automates routine processes, eliminates wait times, manages commitments and proactively work on customer feedback for complete issue ownership
  • Next Gen Customer Experience - Our vision for the contact center of the future brings together disparate technology and channels to deliver an integrated agent console that is powered by analytics