Managed HSSE Services

Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) is of prime concern in the Utilities industry with compliance becoming increasingly complex. With varied local and national regulations, plants and infrastructure-specific requirements, and exponential growth in data, there is a need to streamline HSSE-related procedures and optimize processes for an error free and standardized system.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's Managed HSSE Service centers around streamlined processes across locations for ensuring efficient data and information management. Our service…

  • Improves Risk Management - Leverages greater insights for predictive and proactive action and better decision making through improved data management and rigorous analysis
  • Minimizes Financial Losses - Avoids financial impact of regulation-led penalties, workers compensation and claims; minimizes downtime and loss of man-days
  • Improve Stakeholder Engagement - Enhance customer and employee satisfaction through higher process safety and better competency management
  • Improve business processes - Establish standard, organized and centralized process, share best practices across locations, ensure transparency. etc

Our Managed HSSE service helps you align your HSSE practices with your core vision and corporate standards.

We provide managed service for HSSE in a shared service environment. We help improve internal and external reporting through centralized and standardized workflows. We provide support for data management and reporting, thus enabling better visibility and better regulatory performance.

Our solution framework involves front office to interact with stakeholders for activities like incident recording, a middle office for coordinating and tracking the various activities including audits and inspections and a back office for ensuring timely and accurate reporting and analytics. Our HSSE Service includes:

  • Calendaring, Tracking and Closure: Compliance events, audits and inspections, risk reviews and incident investigations
  • Alerts and Bulletins Support: Streamline dissipation of information with regards to supplier communication, advisories and alerts, internal bulletins, etc.
  • Workforce and Competency Management: Job skills mapping, competency gap analysis, identification of training needs, learning management system
  • Data Management: Data integration from various sources, data cleansing and uploading, exception management
  • Reporting: Improving compliance reporting, voluntary disclosures, internal dashboards, identification and improvement of change areas
  • Analytics: Correlating risk variables, prioritizing action and attention and recommending proactive action for risk avoidance
  • Content Management: Ensuring centralized knowledge base covering policies and standards, taxonomy, process templates, SOP and workflow information