Customer Service Operations

Utilities are operating in a challenging environment today due to rising customer expectations, changing customer behavior, multi-channel access, smart meter rollouts, Customer Information System transformation, and tough customer service standards. These result in reduced customer satisfaction, increased revenue leakages and increased cost to serve. The evolving regulatory landscape compounds the challenge. Utilities will need to implement new business models and strategies for enhanced overall efficiency and improved customer satisfaction.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro can help utilities to move up the customer services maturity curve and act as a partner in their journey. Our practice provides support across customer care operations, billing operations and debt & collections.

Our standardized, predictable, scalable and mature model helps you through:

  • Increase in customer satisfaction scores and reduction in ombudsmen complaints
  • Improvement in receivables management and reduction in bad debt
  • Timely and accurate billing
  • Standardization of processes to drive efficiency and improve key process metrics
  • Reduction in Operating cost
  • Use of data to insights analytics to run more intelligent billing operations
  • Predictable service levels and better customer engagement through efficient customer care
  • Flexibility to scale up or down resources and pay based on number of customers

Wipro has an industry leading practice for customer service operations to support utility customers with their operations performance improvement.

Customer Care Operations: Wipro provides services for query resolution, account/credit management, claims and refunds, outage and emergency response service, dispute resolution etc. Wipro has helped improve performance of customer care operations for utilities by personalized customer experience management, benchmarked practices, process optimization, IVR optimization, self-service, non-voice bolt on workflow management platform, multi-channel optimization, social media analytics, Net Promoter Score analytics etc.

Billing Operations: This covers the spectrum of services including new connections, transfers and account setups, meter installations/setups/maintenance/reads, billing and invoice processing, exceptions management, cash applications, reconciliations and settlements. Wipro has helped improve performance of billing operations for utilities by reducing backlogs, improving first query resolution, optimized Quality Assurance framework, accurate payments processing, deploying customer journey management, in-house SAP bolt on workflow management platform, root cause analysis, agent performance analysis, customer profiling, mail sorts etc.

Debts and Collections: Wipro provides support with collection reporting and analytics, collections agency administration, outbound collections/reminder calls, disconnection/ reconnection etc. Wipro has helped improve performance of debt & collections for utilities by deploying collections campaigns, credit risk & analysis, portfolio management, collections strategy, SAP bolt on collections workflow management platform, SAP refinements, improving agent performance & skills etc.

Our major performance drivers have been our Technology IP with built in utility best practices, our deep understanding of Utility processes and analytical rigor in day to day operations. Wipro's customer shared services model for Utilities ensures that utilities can plan, operate and manage their integrated customer operations better even though they may be on different business platforms. Our robust governance helps provide utilities teams with program management support, reporting & analytics to support decision making, KPI monitoring, managing risk and tracking benefits.