Channel Management

Customers today expect much more from Utilities in terms of service, ease of use and proactive support for problem resolution. Organizations face tremendous challenges while trying to offer personalized services and a seamless customer experience across multiple channels. They also need cost effective and integrated channels, working seamlessly with back end systems that offer standardized support and assured levels of service.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's Channel Management Service helps you deliver a seamless customer experience across multiple channels, while reducing cost to serve. Our service features include:

  • Channel Productivity: Improve channel productivity and in-channel resolutions with rich business insights and customized channel strategy
  • Cost to Serve: Decrease cost of customer contacts and improve ROI with targeted deflection to lower cost channels
  • Low customer effort: Focus on lowering customer effort and enabling customers to connect across channels
  • Resolution: Resource and knowledge sharing coupled with analytics lead to improved resolution and reduction in repeat calls
  • Social engagement: Utilize social media for new channels of engagement and support for customers

We offer a standardized support system with a personalized experience that would lead to a more satisfied customer.

We help you build a proactive approach to customer management. Through our service, you can offer the right channel and right approach for each customer at the right time, leading to higher touch point in each customer contact and higher overall customer satisfaction.

Our Channel Management service helps you move from reactive approaches to proactive solutions for managing customer experience and satisfaction. It includes:

  • Customer Analytics: Speech/text/data analytics to understand customer sentiment, actionable insights on price/ product/process/promotion/competition
  • Channel Decision Strategy: Customer segmentation, channel optimization, channel positioning, cross-channel integration
  • Smart Self-Service: Web interactions with Web stickiness, Web containment for voice leakage avoidance, virtual routine and low impact calls for cost reduction
  • Predictive Chat: Call avoidance strategy, FTE optimization, proactive invitation management, high touch/low impact calls