Campaign Management

Utilities today face myriad challenges depending on the nature of the market they operate in. In deregulated markets, they face a competitive environment for retention and expansion of customer base. Cross selling and up selling to existing customers becomes essential. In regulated markets as well, Utilities need to achieve high customer satisfaction and net promoter scores. In both the cases the challenge is to provide above par customer service and personalized support to customers.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro offers end-to-end Campaign Management Service for Utilities across the marketing lifecycle from data, intelligence, content/creative, campaign design and operations to analytics.

With our Campaign Management service, you can:

  • Add Value: Focus on higher value-added tasks such as using customer insights to transform their experience rather than on running campaign operations
  • Retain Customers: Strengthen customer relationships through better understanding of their needs so you can provide differentiated services to high-value clients
  • Create Brand Recall: Create higher brand recall by leveraging power of personalized messaging based on micro-segmentation of customers

We are a one-stop provider of marketing and customer service functions of the Utilities industry.

Our Campaign Management Service supports both marketing as well as customer service teams of your organizations. It includes:

  • Contact Data Management: Extraction/acquisition, cleansing/enrichment, electronic identity analysis
  • Analysis & Customer Segmentation: Demographic grouping, psychographic grouping, purchase behavior, insights-based segmentation
  • Product Portfolio Management: Adjacency analysis, grouping/bundling, customer segment mapping
  • Communication Challenges: Category insights, brand insights, social/cultural insights
  • Channels: Communication objectives, barriers, motivators
  • Campaign Development: Content aggregation and selection, creative design and development, channel based development, creative campaign process / workflow / resources
  • Campaign Deployment: Electronic mail, HTMLization, link testing, adaptation, optimization
  • Campaign Fulfillment: Direct mail, print production, direct mail insertions, downstream distribution
  • Campaign Analytics: Customer analytics, campaign analytics, blog monitoring
  • Sales: Outbound follow up, KYC adherence, order verification and entry, welcome call