Asset Lifecycle Management

Utilities are facing challenges in asset management functions that include aging components of current Transmission & Distribution (T&D) infrastructure, high cost of asset operations and maintenance, and loss of knowledge of T&D assets as workers retire. This leads to lack of standardized knowledge management processes, lack of optimized work scheduling and streamlined asset operations. Capital expenditures mount as components need to be replaced. The talent crunch for maintenance experts adds to the challenge.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro provides Asset Lifecycle Management Service over the entire lifecycle across asset knowledge management, remote operations management and asset planning support. Through improved data management, constant back end support for remote operations and advanced analytics, our Asset Lifecycle Management Service delivers:

  • High Availability: Reduction in downtime due to increased predictive maintenance
  • Effectiveness: Increased effectiveness for asset maintenance due to higher percentage of planned activities
  • Free Resources: Free up resources to enable focus on higher value-added activities
  • Compliance: Improved compliance to regulatory needs around asset health, maintenance schedules and reliability
  • Scalability: Greater scalability facilitated by presence of diverse skill sets to support utility needs

We help you build standardized, repeatable and scalable processes to support increased asset visibility and extend asset life.

Our Asset Lifecycle Management Service is geared to deliver benefits on core focus areas.

Our services include:

  • Asset Knowledge Management: Asset registry setup/update (asset and regulatory safety specs data entry (BSI-PAS 55, asset tag reconciliation, operations and maintenance history, Asset Data Quality Management), GIS data update and support, engineering design support
  • Remote Operations Management: Ad hoc asset operations reporting/analytics support, field force optimization and co-ordination, predictive maintenance, asset operations service desk (process compliance support L1, L2, L3 level, call scheduling and resource management, outage identification, dispatching messages, work order creation, street works/notifications documentation)
  • Asset Planning Support: Asset forecasting support, business case (maintain vs buy) support, asset disposal decision support (rent out vs dispose)