Utilities are increasingly facing a challenging environment with demand and supply scenarios changing. Major factors that drive demand are regulatory pressures, need for reduction in operations costs, Green product availability, increasing customer expectations and volatile prices. The key factors that drive supply include an aging workforce, increasing CAPEX, smart infrastructures, reliability and safety, rising bad debt and improved customer experience.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's BPO Utilities service helps you prepare for future challenges and to meet existing ones. You can improve customer experience and satisfaction, while reducing cost of customer service.

Our service helps you:

  • Increase operational transparency and compliance with 100% audit trail and reports to support regulatory needs
  • Provide real-time smart meter operations and enable home energy management, driven by smart analytics
  • Increase asset visibility, availability and reliability due to lower number of outages
  • Improve plant reliability, schedule adherence and lower project costs

Wipro, with its extensive domain experience, is a preferred partner for Utilities to support their transformation journey.