Dramatic growth in e-commerce over the last few years, has led to an exponential rise in the number of SKUs managed by the retailers. With "endless aisle" becoming the norm, brick and mortar retailers making the transition online find their traditional data management systems incapable of handling the explosion in information. Dynamism in product portfolios, shorter product lifecycles and an ever increasing emphasis on end consumer experience as a key differentiator highlight the critical role played by quick availability of the right content at the right time in the right place.

How Wipro Helps

Our proprietary solution ProdIG-e is powered by a leading cloud-hosted Product Information Management (PIM) platform from Salsify, and matched by Wipro's best-in-class service capability. It helps brands and marketplaces to quickly get high-quality, complete, customized and consistent data ready for e-commerce portals.

Our solutions helps brands and marketplaces with:

  • Data with >= 99.9% accuracy
  • 20%-80% reduction in on-boarding time
  • Revenue enhancement and business insights through analytics
  • Zero CapEx with a simple pay as you go model
  • Data ready for multiple e-commerce portals for brands
  • Portal-ready data from multiple brands and private labels for marketplaces

Our Services

With deep process knowledge and proven delivery experience for leading organizations in the world, we manage end-to-end data for e-commerce through:

  • Data Acquisition: Acquisition of unstructured data as a service from brochures, marketing collateral, websites and platform ability to integrate with all leading ERPs
  • Data Enrichment and Validation: Product attribution, taxonomy and content enrichment with cross-sell/up-sell tagging using custom workflows. Automated image transformations and data accuracy assurance through built in schemas
  • Data Publication: Data ready for multiple e-commerce channels with pre-defined publication schedules and ability to create custom catalogues for promotion
  • Data Maintenance: Continued maintenance of already on-boarded data on platform