Digital Marketing Services

Digital Media is constantly changing due to the advent of multiple sources in the form of devices and apps. The phenomenon of second-screen media consumption, location-based & custom content delivery is a part of most customer acquisition campaigns. Both brands and retailers are under pressure to ensure that they are always present where their customers are looking for them. Shoppers look for personalized experiences in constantly evolving physical and online environment(s) creating a need for your best fans/advocates to tell your brand story in digital. Besides, marketers are seeing a re-alignment of budgets from traditional media like television, direct marketing and print, to digital media.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's suite of services for Digital Marketing enable effective creation and decoupling of digital content to ensure timely and efficient dissemination to relevant media and help you:

  • Optimize creative spends - allowing our clients to channelize marketing budgets into the most effective media
  • Reduce process and partner complexity - to ensure that internal Marketing Teams focus on key strategy & messaging.
  • Build a flexible feature-rich digital platform - to support all formats of new age digital media
  • Create centrally and deploy locally - to ensure full control of the marketing office on glocalized ATL/BTL activities.
  • Adopt to new channels/agencies - to manage complexity and shorten time-to-market

Our services include:

  • Global Engagement Management - We help you build a strategy around digital marketing. You can also better manage external agencies and reporting, as well as work request and service-level management to deliver best-in-class Digital Media
  • Digital Build Services - You can easily create and manage content based on inputs from the marketing team and all valid stakeholders, and also publish the same across relevant media
  • Digital Operations Services - We provide you with complete Digital Marketing operations, including services like Social Media Monitoring & Listening, Language Translation & Localization, Digital Community Management, Content Reporting & Analytics, Image Processing & Survey Management

Here are some of our Digital Marketing success stories:

  • Dedicated digital creative studio implementation for Australia's leading directory service provider
  • Centralized mobile campaign management for a global telecommunication company
  • Landing page implementation with personalized content for a large bank