Capital Projects Lifecycle Management

Mining companies face multiple large-scale project situations, use various project management tools (Primavera, Excel, MS Projects etc.), including in-house tools and processes, that lead to huge uncertainty around the CAPEX and OPEX. This results in unique challenges when they do not have correct data and proper visualization to deliver accurate reports. About 50-80% of qualified resources are spent on manual data validation and reporting, than managing risks, providing insights and taking corrective action.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's Project Control as a Service spans the entire lifecycle across project initiation, project planning services, project initiation and project closeout services. We also provide robust emergency management support across data integration, report generation and distribution, and ad-hoc reporting and analysis.

We understand the CAPEX and OPEX pressures that Mining companies face. Our Project Control as a Service helps you across:

  • Predictability & Reliability: Gain visibility across multiple systems (finance, project controls, work and resource management) by creating a repository of data points for project planning and design
  • Financial: Get visibility into schedules, cost and projects for better control over CAPEX at all levels in organizations
  • Stakeholder Management: Eliminate functional silos of traditional project management functions to improve workforce, project engineers, estimation and scheduling efficiency/accuracy
  • Better Risk Management: Comply with all reporting needs, accurate information about health of business to stakeholders; simple, speedy and centralized documentation management
  • Free Resources: Optimize project resources and utilize them for critical activities such as corrective actions/conflict resolution in projects

Our capital Project Lifecycle Management Service is geared to deliver benefits to mining companies on multiple core areas, including:

  • Project Initiation Services: Establish contract in control systems, support setup of communication plan, developing project charter support, scheduling/cost/document management, procurement support
  • Project Planning Services: Scope/resource planning/cost/budget baseline curves, procurement plan implementation support
  • Project Execution: Schedule updation, performance maintenance updation, change management, document controls
  • Project Closeout: Establish digital handover procedures and assure compliance
  • Project Monitoring & Control: Integrated change control, risk plan updation, detailed variance reporting, performance/cost/schedule trending and forecast reports, develop and disseminate performance and update reports, monitor and report on risk register
  • Data Management, Analytics & Reporting: Reports around time Scaled Optimized Logic Gantt, predecessor/successor, PERTs/time-scaled PERTs, what-if analyses, scenario/activity modeling, relationship modeling, activity rescheduling, regulatory reports, management scorecards, work week/maintenance/backlog, PM metrics scorecards, INPO AP 928 reports, work off/burn down curves, daily resource histogram, work exceeding resource capability