Order management

Retailers and brands have eventually realized that ‘one size doesn’t fit all’. The big challenge for organizations remains to enhance Customer experience. Decision making involved in buying or selling process lacks focus on Customer lifecycle management. It’s evident that responsibility of customer experience no longer only lies with Marketing and can be driven through Operations.

Wipro’s Order Management Service helps drive revenue by focusing on your operations and customer requirements. Our solutions are tailored to enable end-to-end visibility and deeper insights to any order or query in B2B Order management environment.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's order management solutions provides collaborative approach towards linking processes with tools and technology which can streamline your planning process and drive value to your top and bottom line. Customers or sales teams can get accurate information and status on their orders in real time on web or mobile.

Our Order Management Solutions enable:

  • Revenue Maximization - Reduce cycle time on overall order cycle, reduce cancellations and order entry errors
  • Working Capital Optimization - Reduce days-sales outstanding by improving billing quality
  • Operating Cost Reduction - Right shore model, fulfill language requirements per region and de-coupling
  • Customer Experience Improvement - Improve customer master data accuracy, customer satisfaction scores, customer segmentation and profiling accuracy, improve time to resolve customer queries
  • Technology Enablers - Reduce cost to serve and improve customer satisfaction, while automation helps in elimination of manual effort. It also enables real-time tracking offering predictable performance.
  • Optimize Supply Chain - SLA-driven workflow management and analytics to improve order fulfillment, and actionable insights that enable proactive decision making.

Wipro can measure and manage best in Class metrics that impact cost reduction, customer experience and help drive revenue. We measure performance in real-time against defined metrics that provide insights needed to take timely corrective action. Our standard design principles help identify the key levers that are critical for enhancing performance and customer buying process. Our proprietary tool Base)))™ enables value at every touch point with customers. This includes solution to place multiple orders in multiple ways and receive feed in the form customer demands:

Cost reduction: Cost-of-fulfillment and cost avoidance

  • Inventory Elements / Inventory Management
  • Order Cancellation Management
  • Reduce Returns
  • Reduce Deductions/ Chargebacks
  • Reduce Cost/Order
  • Improve Order Accuracy

Business transformation: Enable Revenue / Cash Flow, Better Customer Experience, and Faster Go-to-Market

  • Increase consolidation / centralization
  • Reduction in Order Fallouts
  • Unclean Reduction
  • Cycle Time Reduction
  • Jeopardy Management

Process optimization: Bringing in Predictability, accuracy in billing and improving business metrics

  • Customer Satisfaction Improvement
  • Improving Right First Time
  • One Call Resolution
  • Improving Throughput / Yield by Straight
  • Re-engineer / standardize processes
  • Escalation Management - Increase collaboration with internal business users
  • Complaints Reduction
  • Monitor and focus on improving defined metrics and service levels.